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GIG | INVASI HAMA! : Milisi Kecoa Melanggar Kuching! & || Milisi Kecoa & Almost Everything Sucks Borneo Tour


Yes it has been ages. We are organising a show this 6th Dec 2013 (Friday) for two touring band, 80’s hardcore Milisi Kecoa from Bandung and Almost Everything Sucks- Power Violence outfit from… Continue reading

EVENT | Fight For Free “This is What We Believe” E.P. Launching; 7 Juli @Anex Untan, Jalan Ayani, Pontianak


UPDATE: The venue has changed to ANEX UNTAN together with Ladyriot Fest.

EVENT | Sintang Be Wild, 5th May 2012 @Gedung Indoor Apang Semangai, SINTANG, KALBAR


  This weekend at Sintang! For those of you who are uninformed Sintang is a kabupaten at West Kalimantan, Indonesia Borneo at the east of Pontianak- it takes about 8 hours of driving… Continue reading