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PHANTOM LIMB is a bonafide DIY Hardcore Punk space. Of course this doesn’t mean that we limit ourselves with activities that revolves around DIY hardcore punk only. The space is established with DIY in mind: as a versatile space accessible to various groups of amateur activists partaking any form of endeavors- be it art and craft projects, gigs, workshops, poetry recitals, talks, hip hop battles, seminars, movie screenings, turntable DJ-ing, social work, poco-poco , yoga, so on and so forth. We provide the space for rental at cheap, affordable and negotiable price. We would also be distributing releases and merchs from various DIY hardcore punk bands around Southeast Asia and the world.

The space is 100% self-funded with a little side contributions from individuals and members of the DIY hardcore punk community in Kuching and elsewhere. DIY hardcore punk’s philosophy and ideology led to the establishment of this space, primarily the potential of self-empowerment of the individuals involved in various DIY projects. The long term plan for the space would be equipping it with various tools and equipments for friends and would-be-friends to work on their DIY projects: photostat machines to print zines, printing station for DIY T-shirt/patches/totes silkscreening, stationaries for collage projects/cut&paste zines, projectors for presentation and screening. But as the space is self-funded, the funds for such pursuit would be coming in slowly. We do not accept corporate sponsors when it comes to fundings based on our beliefs and the degree of control that we would like to maintain. Personal commitment-free donations and contributions are very much welcomed- it would definitely make this uphill task easier to partake.

This space would frequently have gigs with bands from various genres. We also host foreign punk travellers/touring bands at the space- there are a handful of show lining up always (so far: hosted one band from Australia, coming soon: Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, United Kingdom, Indonesia)- keep visiting this blog to keep yourself updated.

Musicians, educators, artists, welders, designers, carpenters, bicycle enthusiasts, general hobbyists, activist, students,DIY devotees, feminists etc etc that have ideas, skills and knowledge to share are welcomed to contact us to arrange for free/minimally charged workshops/talks/gigs/showcase. Phantom Limb is not-for-profit with a pinch of sensibility- we still have to pay our rents and utility bills- help us to help you :)

Strictly no elements of racism,sexism, homophobia at the space. There are other places for that, and Phantom Limb is not it.

Contact us at: midinrecords(at)gmail(dot)com.

2nd Floor, No. 29, Lot 5678,
Unicapital, Block 26, MTLD,
Kota Samarahan-Kuching Expressway,
94300 Kota Samarahan, SARAWAK,

(don’t post things here yet, as of now, please email us for postal address)

Let’s get busy!

Map indicating the location of the space: