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Midin Distro List (as of Nov ’08)


Black- Hentikan Perang Sekarang
RM 10.00 (2 pcs)

Cluster Bomb Unit- Stumpf Ist Trumpf
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

Conquest For Death- Beyond Armageddon
RM 10.00 (4 pcs)

Crime Desire- Life’s A Rape
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

Crux+ Pazahora Split
RM 12.00 (3 pcs)

Disarseter Records- Panic in the Peninsular
RM 20.00 (3 pcs)


Disconvenience- Umea Punk City
RM 10.00 (3 pc)

Fascist Insect- Death to the…
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

Iron Cage- Nature Isn’t Mute, Modern Man is Deaf
RM 12.00 (2 pcs)

Kah Roe Shi- Shi
RM 10.00 (6 pcs)

Rajasinga– Pandora
RM 15.00 (1 pc)

Straight Answer- The Complete Discography 1996- 2007
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

The Bollocks- Revival
RM 10.00 (2 pcs)

The Full Pledge Munkees – Pick It Up!
RM 25.00(3 pcs)

Tools of the Trade- Inmate Consumption
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

Various- Eastern Grind Unleashed (Fallen World,Tools of the Trade, Eyesore,Negation)
RM 15.00 (1 pc)

Vitamin X- Pissed Off: A VX Collection
RM 5.00 (9 pcs)

Waco Fuck- Paranoia is Total Awareness
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

War All the Time – self-titled
RM 10.00 (4 pcs)

TAPES (Not Dead!):

3-Way Split- Borneo 3 Way Massacre (MurderedXbyXYou, Mati Katak, Kill Our Leader)
RM 5.00 (2 pcs)

Eyeles- Gloomy Day
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

Kesumat- Prison Called Comformity EP
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

M:40– Historiens Svarta Vingslag
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

Phoenix Bodies- The First 2 years
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

Project Hopeless- Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

Proletar– Physical and Mental Torture
RM 5.00 (1 pc)

Sista Sekunden – 2006
RM 6.00 (1 pc)

Split- Noisy Sins of the Insect / Daighila
RM 6.00 (1 pcs)

Straight Answer- Kami Belum Menyerah
RM 6.00 (1 pcs)

Thrashington D.C. – To Live and Die in B.M.O.
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)


What Rainforest?: Wake Up and Smell the Palm Oil (DVD)  RM 20.00
Dir: Hilary Chiew & chi too, 36 minutes, Ketapang Pictures
+DVD Extra: Penusah Tana (36 minutes)


As per now, stuffs listed above available for Borneo scene and by hand only.  Merchandise listed is available from Ricecooker shop or Cactus Distro.  This is a non-profit distro, so don’t write or talk to me as if you are such a valued customer. This is not a corporate entity.