EVENT | Forum: Punk- Sekadar Muzik atau Budaya Melawan, Teori Timur, 18 Mei 2013


A forum was held recently at the Teori Timur infoshop/space to discuss about the “essence” of punk entitled, roughly translated as,: Punk- Only (a form of) Music or a Rebel Culture. To me, the title is just a rhetorical question to open up discussion about punk. I was a member of the panel and I could simply sum up the forum as quite fruitful. There were various questions being discussed about the essence of punk and the tendency is more to “how we can apply punk to our lives” more than how “punk as a western culture and everywhere else following it is just importing foreign culture”. It is more to the adoption of the ideas by the localization of the ideologies and principles of punks, rather than an unfruitful discussion discussing what it is wrong and stuffs. So it was good. But maybe it was due to the audience that came: who are mostly people not unfamiliar or at least sympathises with the punk scene. There is definitely a need to organise more of such forums/discussion etc.

It was generous on the organiser’s part to serve everyone with BBQ and fried bihun afterwards. Apparently they were also celebrating for something else- evident from the fireworks they burnt that night- 3 cheers of victory. Awesome.

Teori Timur is a relatively new space established and ran by a few unhired (ie volunteer) activists. I heard from the guys there that they are getting some healthy numbers of youth participation- doing stuffs like discussions with some prominent figures, workshops etc etc. Good to keep yourself updated on their ongoing activities. They are here to stay.

Anyway, if you interested to listen to what was discussed during the forum, you can download the file at Mediafire attached below. I have to warn you though, the discussions were mostly done in Sarawakian Malay. You can try listen :-)

Mediafre: Forum Punk- Teori Timur 18052013