Sweet Crafter!: (Lesstalk Record’s) Michael Crafter and Sweet Teeth touring Borneo!

Well, Armageddon didn’t happen. But these shows below, surer than the end of the world!

We can’t think of a better way to cure our Xmas/New Year hangover. Fuck lime juice.

Aussie’s grind/blast/noise act MICHAEL CRAFTER together with rock n’ rolling SWEET TEETH would touring a handful of spots in Borneo. They were here the last time to Sabah, but this time around, also as a pioneering tour effort any bands has ever done- they crossed from Sabah to Sarawak and subsequently to Pontianak. How rad is that? Tour flyer below following by flyers of respective shows, chronologically. Churr to the churr!

Check out whether there would be a show near you!

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