EVENT | Grand Borneo Hotel Paradox Inferno! – Deck Davis Studio (Kota Kinabalu) & Phantom Limb (Kuching)- 26th & 28th June 2012

Met Grand Hotel Paradox about a year ago when they toured to Kuala Lumpur- the chillest guys in Post-Punk that I have met so far. There is something really fresh about their music that I could not put into words, something that has been severely lacking among the DIY bands that I have watched. Either that, or I am being totally biased because they are my good friends. I am proud to say that GHP has booked all of their shows themselves, no middle man, no booking agency. these guys fund their tour themselves, no payments from organisers/promoters- so support them in whichever way you can. And show them our Asian hospitality! Their tour schedule:


Kota Kinabalu’s show:



Kuching’s show: