Alive? Kicking? Resurrection!

…Andddddd we are back!

Well I have written a long post for this entry, about punk and politics, Aceh punk and Wormrot arrest, and how punks SHOULD BE POLITICAL but thanks to the retarded WordPress, *Poof!* it was suddenly gone. Fuck it. Just wanna say that we are back in action. And no, we are not going to apologise for going into hiatus before this, what the fuck for? Fuck apologising.

Fucking stay tuned because we are fucking going to go into another fucking exciting period. I assure you. Welcome back!

Oh yeah, there will be an Australian touring band coming to Borneo (read: KK, Ranau, Sandakan AND Kuching) very very very soon, which one of the leg would be organised by yours truly. Keep yourself tuned on!