Straight To Your Face #2 Promo Video!

The good thing about not having shows every weekend, unlike being in KL where there are, is that one can build up the anticipation and spend time doing proper planning and execution. I do honestly think that sometimes shows are rushed and planned poorly and this somehow isn’t fair to the paying patrons who are expecting at least a show is worth their hard-earned ringgits and cents. To achieve a relative success financially, there should be proper promotion to be done, months before the show and no, to be successful financially in show is freaking DIY, one has to pay for the exorbitant amount of money to rent venues! Punk rock still doesn’t pay my rent the last time I checked and we all need to ensure that any show organised is a financial success for the sake of sustainability.

Which is why I am so amazed with the amount of promo work done for this upcoming show. The organiser topped it with not only a mere flyer, but also a promo video. Correct me if I am wrong, this might be the first Malaysian gig that has a promo video like this!


A mere suggestion but: maybe next time, short snippets of the bands’ performance could be inserted into promo videos like this? A lot of work, I know, but it would be so sweeeet and plus, it would help for people to have a sneak-peek to the bands that would be performing, while promoting the bands at the same time.