The End of an Era (An eulogy of sort)

Ok, not an era but it is sad to know that another DIY space is closing down. For those who are uninformed, Blackhole 212 is a place created by the kids for the kids (read: not a money making venture) situated at Syed Alwi Road near Little India, Singapore. There are many reasons, I was informed by the two wonderful people running it, V & H, for the closure.

The question of sustainability pops up in the face of situation like this. Sure, the place like this is an indispensable element in the DIY hardcore punk culture. A music base (sub)culture such as ours constantly need a reliable and reltively cheap venue to organise our events. The closure of Blackhole 212 is definitely a great loss not only to the Singaporean punks but all of us in the Southeast Asia, and heck, even on a global scale. Where are the touring bands going to perform, where else can traveling punks crash?

No one said that it would be easy. Especially in the Malaysian part of Borneo (I don’t know about the Kalimantan side) it is always hard to secure a venue to organise gigs. When music studios are ran by people with no understanding the DIY ethos and solely for the pursuance of profit, it doesn’t help with the kids who have the best intentions to organise gigs but with limited funds. With a place like Blackhole, Gudang Noisy, Embrace Hall and Masberto (and many more that I am sure and hope) it situate us in a comfortable postion. Sometimes too comfortable that we take it for granted. It is when it is lost that people appreciate it, the irony of it all.

I would like to bid farewell to Blackhole, which I have just visited few weeks back for the first (and yes, the last) time. I really do hope there would be a ‘replacement’ to the place for without DIY venues, we are nothing.

P/S: The flyer above is what I supposed, the last gig at Blackhole. Thank you for the great memories!