What the hell is happening?

Malay Mail pic from the Gudang Noisy Raid but seriously, is covering your face necessary?.

I have not been getting a regular internet since the past month and finally now secured on that section. There seems to be shitty things happen lately. First, about last weekend. I went to the Ghaust & Kelelawar Malam show yesterday at One Cafe Kuala Lumpur which was a good gig until towards the end. There was a foreigner (Caucasian) woman being smashed on the head with a beer bottle by a bonehead- which one of them ironically wearing a SHARP T-shirt. I had shot a video showing a little bit of the incident, when Katie was walking towards the wash basin to washoff the shards of glass from her head.

I managed to talk to Katie the day after and shot an interview with her for my upcoming project on DIY Punk that I shall keep mum about until it’s really happening~ but in short, she’s fine, a little shooked up but was able to give me an interview. She is from Brisbane and is travelling here for two weeks before heading to the Philippines. On the night of the incident, she was literally being told by the Nazi skinheads to go back to her country and that she is not welcomed here. I thought all these people extinct already but apparently we still have insecure people like this in Malaysia. This is the first time I see such violence and I guess the threat is real.

A week after the raid being done in Kuching (the one reported below), another one happened at Noisy Studio in KL. There was some coverage from the Malay Mail news paper which can be read HERE and another report written by the good people at Noisy HERE. I don’t know about Kuching for now, but as for the one in KL, it seems to me that it is just another exercise, another place that was unfortunately chosen for their narcotics raid. I am sure we suspect that once again the authorities are targeting the punks but thinking objectively, I think its nothing personal. But having said that, it also means that now our gigs, Kuching or KL or Kota Kinabalu or anywhere are not really below the radar or as ‘underground’ that we thought it is. We are always being watched and most of the time at gigs, there would be a few suspicious individuals which we suspect of being Special Branch police officer surveilling our events.

On other progress, my ‘zine is almost upon completion. It is a collaboration between me and my mate, Idleness, which I sort the writing (and some artworks) part while he is doing the layouts and artworks. Details on it here soon. I am looking for distros around to help me distribute our ‘zine. Anybody in Borneo?