Borneo DIY HC Punk in Maximum RocknRoll!

I could not contain my excitement right now. Yes, eventhough it is a passing mention (alright, maybe NOT since it’s the Blog of the Week!), this blog is featured in Maximum RocknRoll website! Link here.

Yes, many things aside. I am currently now at Kuala Lumpur pursuing my studies but Borneo is always close to my heart and of course, I will be back next year. Through my short, less than two years of participation, I have seen so many potential in the scenes there. I do admit that this (uniting the Borneo scene) is a very, very ambitious project but which I am confident achievable especially with participation of all of you in the Borneo continent! I can’t wait to be back!

In a rather opportunistic tone but yet strategic nonetheless, let’s seize this moment. If being featured in MRR’s site would mean international exposure, then by all means, let’s make use of this blog. Send me flyers, materials from your bands (I could also do some amateur music review), writings, gig reports, opinion pieces, local issues etc etc, whatever that is within the theme of this blog, to be featured here. I will be waiting by my mailbox. Email it to me at agentprovo [at] gmail [dot] com.