Has the blog form gone obsolete? Already?

It has been a long while since I wrote anything of considerable length here.

Unlike social networking sites that appeared before, Facebook has actually brought a lot of different ways people have been communicating. Some people are totally hooked into it, there are many who constantly provide status update on a daily basis. I have no problem with that but I wonder if the corporate bodies would wonder how many hours of productivity loss from their staff usage of the site. I am surprised that so far I still have not heard about university or companies banning Facebook, and erm maybe because EVERYBODY’S on it.

Of course, the rest you have already know.

But what I am observing here is also the same time the death of other form of media. Specifically I have seen the backseat position that Ricecooker has been taking, in compared to event announcement on Facebook itself. For me the death of Ricecooker would spell the death of this Borneo DIY HC Punk site as well, the former being as a referential point to the latter. Myspace is still clinging on, as they have Myspace Music which have more features for bands to present their content- but this is, UNTIL Facebook come up with similar feature, or would it?

It is no wonder how Facebook would take such a central role in our cyber-communication. Emails are hard to keep, managing ‘Contacts’ at your email is dry without the pictures. Events could be promoted, with RSVP feature, comment and a reminder would also popped up on your Homepage of the upcoming event that you RSVP-ed attending. It’s like a place where everybody converge, news spread and where you are told the new things, you get to see the pictures of your friends, what they have been up to, you can leave comment on everything posted or show your approval (‘Like’) etc etc. A perfect place for a stalker. Where the notion of ‘nothing is a secret’ in the cyberspace being stretch to it’s fullest meaning. That is why most of the events I see nowadays are promoted through Facebook. It is made in such a way that it makes use the ‘gathering’ of people there as to facilitate the promotion of events (or any Multi Level Marketing scheme). Everything is ready, no coding, resizing or any messing up with HTML and the jazz. The administrators did not even bothered (overlooked?) on the updates of a few events on Ricecooker. I am honestly, saddened by this recent turn of events.

Would Facebook gobble up everything else? I don’t know. It might be too early to cry foul, but I do believe the blog form would persist in some ways or the other, especially those praise-worthy people who have resisted being sucked into the whole Facebook thing so far, I still believe that to a certain extent. the blog form promotes good writing, rather than off marks comments that people posted so easily on Facebook. I am not a purist to the writing form but I guess I am still romantic on the whole notion of proper writing.

We”ll wait and see.