EDGE The Movie


Hello peeps!

Just wanna share a new documentary by not one, but TWO sociologists (sikit bangga atas alasan saya sendiri) about the straightedge lifestyle culture. I know it would appeal to some of you out there. Personally, I drink and I smoke but I have no problem with people who wants to live a positive life. We are all entitled to the life of our own choosing anyway. No one should impose what their values on others, if you ask me. Dokumentari ini nampak gaya tak akan ditayangkan di sini. So wait for the Rapidshare or Torrent to be available. Kalau saya jumpa dan anda tanya, saya akan beritahu.

For more info on the documentary: HERE.

And I love it when there is an effort like these for documentation- all the works being done by our local writers, photographers, bloggers, videoman/womyn, ‘zinesters. I think we all have our part to play in the scene and we do whatever we like and we could to contribute. Not only by being in a band that we are in the scene, right? I mean, that’s the whole meaning of a collective effort right? Especially in a small, sometimes ostracized scene.

So I would like to renew my invitation:

Kalau korang ada benda yang nak share, ada rilisan baru yang boleh (dan nak) di review, boleh forwardkan pada saya. Saya tak pandai nak mereview, tapi ada rakan-rakan baik saya yang sedia untuk memberi komen dan pendapat. You can contact me by leaving a message here, or email me at agentprovo@gmail.com. Ataupun ada projek-projek baru yang mahu di kongsi, gig-gig di bandar atau kampung anda. Tiada masalah. Asparagus Alfalfa sedia membantu.

Keep up the good work! Keep doing what you are doing. Keep on keeping on!

BTW, Peanut Distro akan mengeluarkan rilisan kompilasi beberapa band di Sabah. Ada 6-7 band kalau tak silap saya. GO check them out!!

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