Report: Things That Not Suppose To Happen, Metalcore Fest, Miri

Well, this post is not to report on the gig itself (coz, the gig been cancelled). It rather than just a story that I wanna share with all the readers. The previous post I did mention that there will be a gig call Metalcore Fest at Miri that happen on 25th July 2009. Well, the gig was cancelled on that day. I’ve been told that there’s a lot of problem occur during the gig day that lead to the cancelling the gig. I feel sorry for what has happen to the 2 band that comes all the way from Kuching to play on that day gig. Well, we do the talking later, here’s are the story/report that I wanna share with you guys. I’ve got it from Noel a.k.a Bugau, drummer of Escape the Plain View about what happening.


Another useless blog! Miri Tour/Holiday(report)
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This is another useless piece of crap for you guys to read! But! Before you continue reading.. please read this first!

As a small band we don’t care if you guys don’t pay us even though we’re invited to play in a gig that is very far away from our hometown.

Secondly, we don’t really care what how small and how big is the venue whether it is held in the streets, house, jamming studio and shopping complex as long we can play and have fun with the locals!

Thirdly, we really2 appreciate if someone from the local scene guide us around the local town!

Fourthly, even though we can’t played in the gig because the gig is cancelled, at least please hang around with us.. we really appreciate it!

So here how it goes..

Once upon a time(24/7/09) we arrived in Miri Resort City approx 2100 hrs..We departed from Kuching around 2000 hrs..which is 8.00 p.m. Another band which if friend of ours(Destruction Zero), arrived in Miri around 7.00 a.m next day(25/7/09) by bus. For your info, travelling from Kuching to Miri by bus will took 13-16 hours depending on the driver and the number of cars along the highway.
We arrived in the inn..around 11 p.m with the help of my friend’s family for the transport from the airport to the inn which is not being provided by the organiser. Before that, we search the city on our own like a lost sheep left in the city. We found one, because normally all the inns in the city are full especially during weekends with people coming in all the way from Brunei which is not that far from Miri. Then we found one.. by luck that is.

We’re okay with that.

The next day(25/7/09). We suppose to have soundcheck around 10 a.m along with Destruction zero,because we can’t make it during the soundcheck the day before.
We arrived at the venue around 9.45 a.m. We wait for few hours for them to setting up the equipments.( we thought it was suppose to be 10 a.m! They told us to come early!)
So okay.. we wait..and wait until 2 p.m! While we wait for them to setting up those equipments.. We felt alienated because not even one of the organisers came to us and speak and hang around with us.. Okay we’re fine with that kind of hospilatality, we’re not that important. We are just mere outsiders that is waiting for our turn.
Then it’s 2 p.m! we’re setting up our own equipments.. Before we can really-really play A song for the sake of soundcheck, suddenly the management of the venue call it off, said that the gig is cancelled. WTF! The gig is CANCELLED during the last minute! So after a lot of bla-bla-blas with the management they said this, “itu organiser cakap sama boulevard(which is the supposed to be venue for the gig before being moved to parkson because there is another event that they paid more that the organiser..damn those capitallists! )
itu ada live band saja itu boulevard cakap ada live band saja..kami tidak tau itu ada 13 band main” meaning that.. the organiser(in the agreement between the organisers and the management) said to the management that there is only a live band performance.. A? imagine that.. just A BAND? not 13? So the gig is officially cancelled!! Wow..after what we all came through to play in the gig..they said cancelled?!

Then we tried to give suggestions to the organisers..about the venue..and so on.
After those bla-bla-blas. we can’t find a the gig is cancelled.. Then the organiser said this to us. “kmkorg chow lok ada show kt city fan” Meaning, dude we have to go, we have another show at the City Fan(a venue that is large and public, suitable for rockstars like them) and they left us in the venue without saying SORRY!


SO they letting go of us and their responsibility as the organisers just like that! Hey dude, we came all the way from Kuching! Which is hundreds of kilometres away from Miri and you just left without saying sorry?! We came from far away using our own money to pay the travelling costs and you gave us those ill-treatments?

Why don’t you come here and see how we treat you then!

So that later that night, we met Cannibal Landlord and Sentenced To Burn. We hang around a mall which is not that far from the venue. They suggest that we do jamm sessions in a jamming studio after all we can’t see each other in action on stage. So agree with them. Later that night, we went to Tudan which is near the Curtin Village that is located in the edge of Miri. We go to Tudan with the guys of Cannibal Landlord to guide us to Tudan(Thanks a lot guys). We have a lot of fun during the jamm session we manage to have fun drop some sweat! Thanks a lot guys! These guys have volunteer to provide us transports and guide around Miri even though they are not the organiser!

Third day(which is today 26/7/09),
We woke up around 11 a.m. We went out to have some lunch.
Then we crusing around Miri. Suddenly David our bassist realise he just lost his wallet!
His identification card and driving license are gone!
We get this ill-treatment, the gig is cancelled and now this?!
Probably luck is not on our side during this so called tour/holiday.

We arrived in Kuching around 6.10 p.m
We decided that (we know that we’re just a small band but we must defend our pride!) we want to claim all those money and expenses from the organiser.
We play for free! But if you treat us like shit! Then you have to pay our expenses!

Thank you for reading this so called report!

Thanks to Neil and his friends,Cannibal Landlord,Sentenced To Burn,Atie and Peggy for your hospitallity! We really appreciate it! Hope we can hang around with you guys next time!

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Done reading. So, what do you THINK?? Apa PENDAPAT Ktk Orang?? You’re respondses are mostly welcome here.