Gig: Sickening Art Part 2: Metalfest


Erm, as usual I don’t know how to read the fonts. Go figure yourself.

Sickening Art 2: Metal Fest gig

Date: 13 June 2009
Venue: Razz Ma Tazz, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Time: 1pm Till DEATH!
Admission: RM 20.00

Organised by:
Derangement Project, Mobsterfest and Evildead Production.

Featuring (I am trying my best reading here):

Innabus Decay
Mortuary Ancestor
&*^%$# Brood of Carnage
(thank you Karlos!)
(Star with Goat)
Majestic East?
Hatred Creation
Moduric Suicide
(Furry Spaghetti)