A little update..

Hello there good people.

I, Agent Asparagus Alfalfa, who have been running this blog, would have to take a short break (about 2 years) from fulltime running this blog.  This is because I will be away from the beloved Motherland Borneo.  During my departure, Mr Nicefryday would take over as the Editor of this blog, while I take a backseat updating any flyers/events that I stumbled upon.  Mr Nicefryday, as you know, has been hardworking in documenting the Kuching scene all this while.  I thank him whole heartedly for willing to contribute to the scene. Pok, kau tulis jak papa bahasa kau mok, aku sikda hal.

I am still looking for a contributor from Sabah who could become a correspondent for the scene there on this blog.  Other than my longterm plans for Kalimantan as well- I have been sending few emails to the contacts that I have get from friends but have not been getting any reply so far.  This community-based blog welcomes any sort of contribution from all of you with the ground rules of no sexism, no racism and no whatever form of discrimination. Already the scene has been discriminated enough that we don’t need to do the same thing among ourselves.

So please continue your support for this blog, for it is meant for ‘our scene’, whatever that means.  I will still be writing, hopefully contributing articles and other sorts of discoveries (downloads etc etc) that I would stumble upon.

In the mean time, if you are interested to be a contributor, please feel free to do so. It is not obligatory- we would not force you at knifepoint to write- but even sending us a flyer of a gig would be great and very much appreciated.  Feel free to email me at agentprovo@gmail.com and my Myspace account, if you know me personally or added me in your friend list.

I have many ideas and great plans years ahead and I can’t wait to come back and continue all the works.