Wan Hazril: Land Below the Wind- Bear Brigade Tour Report

Taken from Wan Hazril’s Facebook notes:

Having a bad flu after 4 days trip was a blessed. Its purely satisfaction without any regret. A self meditation after day by day blast. And I feel great.

Strong will to leaving a while the love one and all friends from this city of urgency, heading to somewhere unexpected, we are 14 person in 4 different bands with random different soul, characteristics and feelings but having the same motivation, to meet a new people, love, community and culture.

The sun always shine bright down there in the land below the wind and of course the wind always blow. Thats make the first city we arrived, labuan, different from this city of urgency. And of course everything considered alcohol, and tobacco are superbly fucking cheap. We grab 3 bottles with sum of less than RM 120. And in other part of Malaysia, that will cost more than RM 400. Save up a sum lotsa money and we know its the right places for the people who worship the alcohol.

Then, we heading to kota kinabalu by boat. The fare is quite expensive, RM 34, but cheaper than the aircraft. It feel mysterious using the water lane, when all you can see is the blue blue crystal water. The beer always been there by our side. And to break the boredom, we drink and some were sleeping. And 1 hour before arrive, the excitement begin and we never stop cheering up ourselves with stupid jokes. :)

We arrived there. And riq and eko greeted us with a smile. They are awesome, both studying in K.K but living in other city, Sandakan. Kota kinabalu is the city of restless. Its like the United States and new york, kuala lumpur and semenanjung or indonesia and jakarta. Its the centre of everything. Everybody move there to find a job, study or to move from quiet city. But honestly, it feel more relaxing being in Kota kinabalu rather than this city of urgency. We crammed ourselves inside one room, that is not that big and not that small, just nice. Spent some hours in the big mall, nothing much differ from other mall i’d been before. But one thing that excite me, the meal. The chicken rice is only cost RM 2.80 and that’s like having a breakfast in the east coast penisular, or buying a bombay sapphire in Labuan. Thats fucking nasty!!

Some really close friends and us, heading to Moes studio to rip it out. 2 hours, 4 bands and we having a cool jamming session. It’s a quite well-feeling to blast the tunes in another places far far away from home and its like a practicing mix with finding a warm comfort. And its great to see many friends back again like Agus, Ian, Yuen, Rico that use to stay and meet us before at apartment 104. Not to forget, the menu that day: 1 litre of Bicardi!

Then the best part after the show, we heading to “pasar Phillipines”. And we passing by a load of expensive restaurant, and some bar that exclusively belong to other side of human division. And right beside it was the pasar. It look like a pasar malam but really big pasar malam. The food were cheap. 1 feet ikan tongkol only cost you RM 7. And we eat like cat.

Went back to the hotel, the ritual begin. Some friends bring tanduay and F.Y.I, tanduay is a homebrew local wine that made by the grape if im not mistaken. It taste like malaga or anggur merah. And i have this really fasten blood rush syndrome by drinking this kind of alcohol. And yeah. it works. Its a moment of tense, happiness and everything that nite. Naked is necessity and expressing everything was the real moment. Unless i feel like all the tiredness, in the city of urgency had been released. And meeting other guy like keith, ivan, vojtek, shaun, along, and many more to say was like a gathering of hindu in allah abad or muslim in mecca, or whatever!. But it taste different. This is real deal to my life.

Next morning we heading to Keningau. RM 13. Taking this mini bus. and all crammed inside. Off we go! The perfect soundtrack for this time should be 70’s psychedelic rock, and late 60’s folk rock. Maybe the whole bob dylan songs. But i nearly forget all those good artist, as in my mind only one song can beat em all, SAYANG SAYANG KINABALU. The trip was up and down thru the hillside. This part, I miss my love one the most. And this part I feel like human being always belong to the nature. And the scenery, resting all my tiredness. And when the tiredness gone, I capture the whole perfect and good life. It feel like cumming while drinking! :)

And halfway the trip, the drive stop us at the source of water from the hill. And we taste the water. Its naturally pure. And all those mineral water that been sell like RM 1.50 per bottle is not natural. Trust me!

We arrived Keningau at the noon. 2 hours something journey. Its not that long. But keningau was really a small town. We having a meal and RM 8 tiger beer also was a real deal. It was fantastic. Some small kids selling cheap cigarettes, I grab surya that only cost me RM 3. We headed to the venue after having the meal and it is located at the hillside. The scenery was great as you can see the whole Keningau town from the places. It was a semi abandoned resort but there is still people around that place. But I guess, it used to be a best places to chill and stayed.

The show started and at first we merely cant see many peoples coming. But after two bands played, the venue was packed. And the vibe was very alive. One things about the community and scene. The scene was fresh and not jaded. Many kids willing to share moment and idea and having things to talk about. Compare to the scene in this land of urgency. And I had a chance to meet many new friends sharing idea and story. About culture and setting up community and it feel so electric. Beside having a good time, I can see that they have a strong motivation to set up this break free community at their local town. And, upon my repentance, I should bring more zines and spread more literature to them. This is the things that i felt way back then and it slowly gone in this city of urgency!

We drink some beer, Absolute Vodka and Langkau. That was the king! It turn my set when playing with crimescene so fucking heaven. Seeing many great bands like face of decay, and red revolvers and feeling the aura when playing and watching the intense vibe make the whole show tremendous! Plus the sound system was perfect and great. They have this monitor and full set PA making the whole room blast!

One thing, they dont have much show happen in Sabah. So when it happens. It will be the best moment to the kids around! In this city of urgency, there is too much show and too much bands playing in one show! So yeah, we lost the beauty of the show. Its not all about quantity. Its always about quality.

We leave the places with thousand of happiness. And heading to the hotel in downtown keningau, we are superbly tired.
After meal. We decided to rest. But its like a halfway mission when friends want to continue drinking tanduay till morning. I ended up very drunk. Some guy going to local friends house to drink long house (traditional game) and playing this enjoyable buffalo game, that will end up many people getting naked. And yeah! They are naked! :)

Pretty bad hangover that morning we catch the van back to kota kinabalu. And this gonna be the bad part coz we leaving keningau. And we always want to come back again. We thanks to zul for organizing the show and of course he pay all the tanduay that night.

We leave keningau around 1 pm and have to catch the ferry at jesselton port at 3 pm. So the driver speeding up. It was a roller coaster trip. Thrilling and i still keep singing the sayang sayang kinabalu song to the love one! :)

We arrived the jetty around 2.30 pm and having a meal and meet all the friends back! It was the farewell that we wish not happen. But we have to leave! This is the time when we think that the connection of DIY will never break forever. The willing to help each other, sharing space, sharing energy and many other things!

And off we go to labuan!

Labuan, the last night, thanks to keju for the great hospitality and belanja makan. We ended up buying stack of alcohol, vomit, drunk to the max, Hippies, and i shit while sleeping. ahahah! That was great. Heading back to this city of urgency with shitty pants and the greatest hangover of the year. It was all the representation of the fast modern world that we living in. And people was too depress with their life, work, tiredness, fake, capitalism control and so many other things. In the land below the wind, people still having a faith on culture, breaking free from the setup of the Americana, and speaking upon their own selves. We lack of this in this land of urgency! This is the beginning of all the good feelings!

Thanks to other guys like rizo, comel (dont remember his name), billie, asrul, mi, reza, and so many other person.

“The answer my friends,
Is blowing in the wind,
The answer is blowing in the wind.”
– bob dylan


Crimescene posse for URTV


after show pics!



Farewell, Port Jesselton!


at hillside view, keningau. The venue of the show!

Taken from here.