Rojakcore Attack! Gig Report:

Keseluruhannya kami sangat berpuas hati dengan gig ini. kesemua band memberi yang terbaik pada persembahan mereka.. tapi yg amat mengecewakan pada hari itu ialah band yang aku tunggu 10 tahun untuk kembali beraksi iaitu YOUTH AGAINST tidak dapat menyertai kami kerana 2 daripada line up mereka bekerja pada malam itu.. NIANG juga tidak dapat bersama kami kerana sebab yang sama iaitu 2 daripada line up mereka bekerja…nang frust aku oleh cdak tok eh…  Baca selanjutnya di SINI..

Good, since somebody has done the report, I don’t have to.  Thank you Haizan. Muahs!

I have a few addition things to say though, but first, some pictures from my camera.  All other pictures you see in Myspace and in Kuching City Hardcore blog I believe is from Badol’s camera.  Kudos man, you are now our scene official camera man.


Exhibit 1(a): Mindfuckingboy


Exhibit 1(b): Mindfuckingboy


Exhibit 1(c): Mindfuckingboy


Exhibit 2: Annihilation


Exhibit 3: Hole in the wall


Exhibit 4: Vandalised Shoe Rack

I attach Mindfuckingboy’s pic because that’s the one that most people missed.  Ya lah, Malaysian timing, sik pernah mok datang on time.  And as you can see in Exhibit 3 and Exhibit 4 above, there were some extra (unnecessary) cost incurred.  To promote transparency and with this show being a DIY show, I will detail out the calculation below:



Bayaran venue & equipment – RM 330.00
Jumlah jualan tiket RM 370.00
Harga ganti dinding – RM 103.00
Kutipan derma kilat menggantikan dinding RM 25.00
Amaun si dia akan bayar untuk dinding RM 78.00
Gantirugi rak kasut – RM  42.00
Kerugian bersih – RM 2.00__

I would love to thank si dia for taking up the responsibility and to pay the rest of the cost for the wall, which is amounted to RM 103.00.  Si dia will pay RM 78, in addition to the RM 25.00 that we managed to collect from the crowd after the crater-on-the-wall incident.  Thank you so much for those who donated.

The cost of the gig,  if we were to really-really count, is of course more than that- petrols, photocopies, printing and all.  But it was all done in good intentions and in the name of friendships.  Here I would like to thank Boi, Haizan, Kris, Saypool and Kojack and the rest of Disharmonic Movement Crew, Heaven & Hell’s excellent crew- kudos to Timun and the gang who has been Wonderful.  Yes, with a capital W.  The crew has helped voluntarily and as you can see above, we don’t even have extra money from the show to be shared to all that has helped.  Thank you also to Disgusting and Escape the Plainview who helped us fill the not showing bands.

No thanks to those who has break stuff, try to get in for free, drank alcohol in the venue and dumbfucks who smoke and mosh at the same time.

Not OK was awesome!  Mindfucking boy Mindfucked me.

Truly a great learning experience for myself.  Though I do hope fucked up incidences that happened would not happened again.  It ‘s not any crew or any collective’s gig, it’s OUR gig- think about that before doing something stupid- save those things to do it at your home.  Will write on my thoughts, and the meaning of DIY gigs, when I have the time.

Cheers for now.

Enche Organiser.