TOMORROW: Rojakcore Gig Not O.K. in Kuching, 20 Feb 2009


ROJAKCORE ATTACK: Against Genre Discrimination

FEATURING (in alphabetical order):

Bloody Piss
Not O.K.
Youth Against

Date: 20th February 2009, Friday
Venue: Audioplanet Jamming Studio
Time: 6.00pm sharp.
Admission: RM 10.00

So yes, our gig is confirmed now.  We will start at 6.00 pm sharp, the bands will be required to arrive at 5.00pm for soundcheck and other businesses as we have restriction on time that we must end the gig.  The gig must end at 11.00 pm, by hook or by crook.  Strictly NO ALCOHOL at the venue. No fights, No Violent Moshing, just good clean fun. Securing at place to organise gig is already hard enough as it is, we don’t want to lose another option that we have.

Unfortunately, Niang could not make it for this gig- so we got one band down, which should be OK so that performing bands have a little bit more extra time.

And yes, all DIY merchandises are welcomed- bring your DIY Tshirt, patches, buttons, ‘zines along. to be shared/sold with a minimal price/trade. The usual suspect Mutasi Distro is suspected to be making an appearance.

See all of you there. Definitely a gig that you don’t want to miss.

Additional Flyer: Black and White for photostating purposes- Please help us spread the word.