Gig: Borneo Hardcore Fest 3, feat Motivation and Dead Eyes Glow: 21 Feb 2009, Tamparuli Futsal Centre


Borneo Hardcore Fest3:


Motivation (Hungary)
Narcotic Dust
Sweet Mary Jane
Scream from the Small Town
Beyond My Rage
North Attack South
John Smith

Tamparuli Futsal Centre
Saturday 21 February 2009
12pm onwards

This is a day after our Kuching Rojakcore gig this week!

This must be the year for Borneo DIY HC scene!

From the grapevines: there are talks that the band Narcotic Dust which are performing in this gig would be coming to our shore at Kuching soon!  Watch out for the updates here.

*Erm, anyone have the flyers for the Straight Answer show on March?