DIY: Simple video on screenprint

As with whole the Do It Yourself (DIY) ethos in our underground/punk/hardcore/etc etc scene, I here post a video that I find useful in presenting the methods of the art of printing in such simplistic manner.  As there are also many who asked me before this and some stating the intention to learn the method from me, I embed this video here so that all of you out there could jumpstart your experimentation.  Here it goes:

Most of the things could be obtain from art supplies stores.  At KL I got it from a shop callVenus Art somewhere along Petaling Street  but it was closed when I went there yesterday.  As a result, I got a jar (1 kilogramme) of the photo emulsion (that’s the blue coloured liquid that 5t311a spread on the silkscreen) for RM 20.00 Brand: Fairbro at a shop called Art Friend at the Gardens- the new Midvalley wing.  My friend told me that there are some place at Cheras where they sell it for cheaper.  At Kuching, the only shop I know so far is Technografik at Satok, but I am pretty sure there is always a not-so-well-known shop somewhere that would sell it way cheaper, at wholesale price.  Will be glad if anyone of you out there could share where to source the things, including the dye, the silk etc, at a cheaper price- be it at KL, Kuching, Sarawak, KK or Sabah, or anywhere in Malaysia.

Get productive and start your own T-shirt printing project today!

One last note; most of the things that you need to use to make this are easily available around your environment for e.g. the frame of your block (some even say that you could use normal cloth to replace the synthetic silk- I haven’t experiment with that yet.  Recycle rather than buying the bulk of things to start it without an certainty on your capital invested will bear any fruit.  And most of all, remember to have fun.

Yes yes yes yes, we will have a band from Australia called Not OK here on 20th February with a mad supporting electro act by a one man band who call himself mindfuckingboy.  So, you can start making your stuffs to be sold at the gig later- we will provide some space for distros- who are always welcomed!

Checkout the upcoming acts here:

Not OK Myspace

Mindfuckingboy Myspace

Yes yes yes yes, the flyers will be up very very soon!