A little update..

What we are doing now:  Petrajaya HC Collective is now actively (and desperately) seeking venue to host a punk rock band from Gold Coast, Australia and a uber-experimental electro guy from Singapore.  More updates and flyers be up here soon.  Gig will be somewhere in the end of February. No, we did not abandon this blog.

I (Agent Asparagus Alfalfa) will be going to KL soon and you can be sure there will be more new releases and other merchs be made available by Midin Distro soon.  We also manage to get a few more new ‘zines to be distro-ed here and also thanks to Niesa assault, Mass Separation tunes from Split with SMG (Self Made God) and Auktion would also be made available in Kuching soon- In forms of CD-R. At minimal price.

Stay tuned for more updates.