Sibu Damages Report





OK, the poll has shown that many of you wants to read this blog in Sarawak Malay. So those who voted for that should be the ones to write in Sarawak Malay so that there are more content of that language here in this blog. Kamik sik pandei menar mok klaka/tulis Melayu Sarawak. Sik dapat kamik express to the fullest bah mun tulis dalam Melayu Sarawak. Faham sik?

So as you can see from the pics above, in case you don’t know yet even in a small scene gossip circle like ours, we met an accident on the way back from Sibu.  So there are a lot of messiness, bullshit and greed attached with it, though I am glad that none of us were injured- to think about how the accident happened, it could be WORSE.  I am glad how it happened.

Sorry for the late reply, but then again I am not your shitworker to update you with stuffs happening around here.  You should write demmit!  I just came back from another roadtrip, though a bit shaken from the accident that happened at the first roadtrip.  Very busy at the moment with work, so I hoping someone else would write the gig report/tour diary.  Maybe the writer from this blog?

All in we would like to thank Arthur, Haizam and friends (from Radioholic) for organising the gig.  It was nice to establish such network and solidarity among the scenes here in Sarawak or even Borneo.  Good job guys (and gals), all of us in Kuching wish to see all of you again, on different stage, different gig, surely, in the future.