Anticipating Sibu


Happy to announce that we are all set and ready for Sibu.  I am not sure on Boi and Haizan’s side, they might have T-shirts and other merchs with them to be spread to the metropolitan city.  I will be bringing a few specially selected ‘zines that I personally liked to beshared with the kids there.  Sadly to announce that Bibliopunk Mobile Library couldn’t be there as there are already many stuffs to lug and I fear that we do not have much space to bring all thse books.  Maybe on our next visit we could be able to do so.


Among ‘zines on sale!

Yes we are jubilated indeed.  Meeting new friends, sharing stories, listening to new/old bands, hangout with the local kids, exchanging numbers and adding new contacts, basically experiencing the whole DIY music scene solidarity.  This will be the beginning of many, many exciting collaborations to come.  Report on the roadtrip and gig will be up, as soon as we can.

See you all there?