A Short Aftermath Report: Grindcore is Not A Crime gig

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OK, a short report on the Grindcore is Not A Crime gig.  This is, well my first time writing one, but then again there is no textbook method to write a gig report now does it? If you think this suck, you write and send it to me at agentprovo@gmail.com

The gig started late in a typical Malaysian fashion.  And kicked off well after.  Overall it was a great show of talents (not that it mattered) and lots of fun time.  A hiccup happened during Kurasakuasa set, but as the dedicated people from Disharmonic Movement are well backed up, reinforcement equipments were replaced in an orderly fashion.  Both the touring band from Sabah was awesome with their progressive grind.  The guitarist from Aparagonis was setting the place on fire with his Ibanez.  The two masked members of the band was spewing out music like it was Armageddon.  There were a lot of corpse eating, organs haemorrhaging and all sorts of abnormalities involved in the lyrics.  A grossed out event indeed.

Haematoma was really eye opening with their psyched out screaming demon from the deepest belly of hell vocalist and adrenaline charged drummer.  Drummers like that are the reasons why I stopped playing drums, because I looked like the slowed down 1000x version of them when I tried to play.  The Rumpang guy too.  So is the drummer from Traitor.  Demmit.  I am picking up trumpet next.  So no one can be compared to me. Sigh.

Anyhow here is some picture that I manage to capture from the gig.  Don’t blame me if you’re not in the pic, SEND ME SOME! And I will upload it accordingly.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but you guys could contribute to make this blog better.  I need all of you (and it is supposed to be a community based blog).  In a chronological order (once again there is no preference of anything- or in the words of Dayang Atiqah, the impressive Kedai Fhutu expert;

Fhutu-fhutu telah di-mozek-kan (here: di letakkan) mengikut nafsu aku & para kugiran telah dipilih secara rawak sahaja. Tiada sebarang unsur perkauman, ekstrimis, aktivis, agama, jantina, sapa hemsem, sapa paling taf, sapa paling banyak tatu, sapa banyak ear lobes, & sewaktu dengannya… Harap maklum.


Few unidentified poseur posing before the event.  Of course, the equipments are not turned on, for they might get themselves electrocuted from their lack of experience in operating such powerful machinery.


Still not turned on.


The usual ruckus was started by the man identified with a cap and brown T-shirt above.


Again, the man in brown Tshirt.  This time, showing some offensive gesture, further provoking the crowd.


Some unidentified gig goers taking refuge at the alley outside the studio, badly injured from the Grindcore attack happening inside the studio.  Paramedic is nowhere to be found.


What’s happening inside the studio.  Grind army from the Incisor Batallion.


Incisor battalion war criminal, now actively being tracked by Interpol to be brought to justice in the Hague


On a serious note: the woman who have worked hard in making the gig a successful, among others who have worked behind the scenes, Miss Lala.  Not in the picture: Daus, the wannabe bouncer.  (Like, seriously dude, who is he scaring?).


More victims from the grind attack taking refuge.  Paramedics is still, nowhere to be found. The smiling expression is from the emergency morphine provided to the soldiers to withstand unbearable pain.


Haizan, the posterboy for Kuching grind warfare. The legend has it that growl of this armada general was said to be able to inflict great harm to people even from thousands mile away.

cimg3422_resize1Reza, from Aparagonis: Before.


Reza, from Aparagonis: After.


Reza, with the mysterious masked warrior handling a mean machine.  It was said that once a mere mortal tried to handle the machine onwed by the warrior has gone crazy, unable to cope with the power wielded by the six stringed widow maker.


Psychotic roar from the last battalion attacking the Kuching DIY scene, also from the next kingdom.  The bone chilling Haematoma batallion, finishing the last remaining survivors.

Fuh.  Penat upload gambar-gambar ni.

In the immortal words of Ella: Hope you all Enjoyyyssss!!


P/S: if for some crazy reasonyou missed this gig and would like to catch both Aparagonis and Haematoma in action, you can checkout their next apperance in the highly anticipated Extreme Splattered Music Fest this end of December at KK.

Sorry that the pictures are of such low quality, I am not an ‘urban-hipster-fashionista-DSLR toting photographer’ (though I would love to have one of those sweet camera, don’t get me wrong).