This Weekend! Gig: Sibu Invasion! 4 Musician by Musician Gig 21st Dec ’08 (UPDATED)


Bloody Piss and United Kids of Oi! will be making their debut at Sibu! We are all very excited to check out the scene there. And of course, Midin Distro will be tagging along to bring the merchandises to be made available for the kids there.

Details of the gigs:

Date: 21st December 2008

Venue: Stadium Tertutup Bukit Lima, Sibu, Sarawak

Time: 3 pm – 9pm

Admission: RM 6.00


United Kids of Oi!

Bloody Piss

Checkmate Error

A Room Full of Blood



The Street Fungus

Baroque Stealler

Our roadtrip/tour report will be up! ..Um, maybe, if I don’t end up too drunk or having too much fun to jot things down/take pictures!
Sibu here we come!
Viva la Music Solidaridad!

UPDATED Gig Flyer:
Looks like there is a gazillion trillion acts added to the list! Look at it! The flyer barely could fill all the names of the bands!
It has just became a gig there no one should miss!
A promising prospect to the burgeoning Sarawak scene indeed!
See you there!