Bibliopunk invading Band Xplosion!

A short update.

Maybe.  Details on the event on this flyer here.  Which supposed to be featuring Butterfinger, Bunkface, Evenstarr and United Kids of Oi!

If I could get a transport because there are lots of books to lug.  And maybe I would also just hangout outside so that more kids could benefit from the books and ‘zines. Plus I can’t afford to go in anyway.

Spent last night wrapping the Bibliopunk library’s books to lengthen its’ lifespan. I have a new addition to the books, this is also one of my favourite:


The Dictionary of Alternatives,

by Martin Parker, Valérie Fournier and Patrick Reedy

Zed Books 2007

There are many entries on various types of ‘alternatives’- various Utopias, alternative community/lifestyle/politics- most of the terms that you read in some ‘zines or alternative press.  You can be an instant expert!  Easy to read with simple language and considerable length for all idealists (without cynicism here) like yourself out there. Read the review here.


Of course, Midin Distro would also juxtapose itself somewhere around the venue of the event. Kuchingites! Bear in mind this would be the last time some of the stuff to be seen in Kuching. We will travel up to Sibu after this and later I would pass the stuff to Eric of Mutasi Distro to be brought over to Sabah. If you have always wanted anything from the distro list I urge you to make your purchase, before all the stuffs being swept clean.