Bibliopunk Invading Hell-O Kuching event! 29th Nov 2008


Graphic stolen from: Ediciones Hormiga Libertaria blog

(UPDATE: Um, grammatical error: the caption should read: Put the Book Down! Lack of English proficiency of the author is regrettable. Don’t be misled kids. Too lazy to reedit.. )

Yes, well, technically we are not invading, but more like given a place. So we decide to cheer it up with a bit of good books for free reading, good ‘zines both for reading and for purchase, and the usual CD’s and tapes.  There are some DIY limited edition Kurasakuasa, Restart and Mutasi Distro T-shirt will be on sale too! And then some. Hope to see you there amidst ‘urban-artsy fartsy-yuppie-philanthropist-performer’ group. Do dropby our booth/table (the fact is I don’t know how it’ll look like.

Among accessible literature available tomorrow (SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS):

Crimethinc literature:

More info: Crimethinc website.


Recipe for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook. Let’s just say that this book has a lot of useful and fun recipes that we all could try. An essential reference for all the aspiring activists/direct actioneers out there!


Evasion. A vegan/anarchist (though the author would’t like much of the labels). Scamming through the system. Adventures ensues. ‘Nuff said.

Other Punk/Hardcore Books


Dance of Days: Two Decades of Punk in the Nation’s Capital by Mark Andersen and Mark Jenkins.

History book of the things that you (might) like! Presumably, if you are reading this blog. It’s about the scene in D.C. That’s what I can tell you. You have to read it yourself.


The Day the Country Died: The History of Anarcho Punk 1980-1984 by Ian Glasper.

Um.. It’s about.. The history of the emergence of anarcho punk bands like Crass. To be honest, I haven’t read it (and the book above) yet. Why don’t you read it and tell me.

‘Zines (for sale[*] and reading):


Morgenmuffle*: A cool comic ‘zine from UK femayle punk person (PC enough?). Lots of cool stories, cool illustrations. Though this is from 2 years ago, the stories are evergreen (pun intended) and inspiring. You can also read it online/print it yourself at: Morgenmuffle Zine website. A must read for all the punx riot Grrls out there!


Beyond the Barbed Wire #3* (1 copy only): One of the more progressive and well-organised ‘zine which are my personal favourite (but then again, all the ones I displayed here are my personal selected ‘zines that I really like). It is edited by Tremor, who are also doing lots of other wonderful things alongside other comrades in Bandung. There are many crucial issue in the Indonesia scene discussed here, notably Marjinal issue and the raid at Ultimus bookstore at Bandung which has been heavily discussed. Eye opening indeed. Lots of good writings here, in Bahasa Indo. More info: Myspace page.


AVOW #17*. It’s very unfortunate that I couldn’t get anymore issues of AVOW ‘zine, one of the great fiction/autobiographical collection of short stories by Keith Rosson. I have always been a fan of his writings with his endless humour and wit. You will be left laughing your bowels out. There are many nice illustrations too! Do not miss this!

More on AVOW ‘zine here.

Various back issues of:

Slug & Lettuce, Profane Existence, HeartattacK, Maximum Rock n’ Roll, other Crimethinc ‘zines. And then some, too many to list out here.

See you there!