Gig: War All The Time at Kota Kinabalu (Beaufort) Sabah 27 Nov ’08


Anyone have the local flyers?

Yes, UK Crust oldtimers War All the Time (WATT) will be at Beaufort this 27th, in fact this weekend itself. I have heard about the tour and I did ask whether the band was interested to stop by Kuching for a show. It was promptly replied by WATT’s vocalist, Rob. Unfortunately they couldn’t squeeze time for Kuching. Go to Beaufort then! Gig details will be uploaded soon when (and if) I get the details.


P/S: For the time being, to mend the wound of being unable to attend the show, or if you simply want to check out how WATT sounds like, Midin Distro still have four copies of War at all time’s Discography CD going for RM 10.00, release by Cactus Records.

watt-discography Review (taken from Cactus Distro website):

War All the Time is a millenium band. They started since few years back, but this band consist of people that put their hard into hardcore punk DIY scene for ages. They play simply Totalitär, Mob 47 Swedish hardcore band but put it on in their own way. A mied up feeling of UK crust and Swedish crust, do it in great direction. Sned of Flat Earth Records do played drum for this band and Flat Earth is a label that is most respectable for me and other member do played in various good UK band like Boxed Inn, Hellhazard, Kito etc. And compile all the songs from their first 7″ s/t release under Yellow Dog, split 7″ with the Horror, and the last 7″ plus two unreleased songs. 17 songs overall. This is a good band from a great people.

Work harder people! Network! Write those emails now!