Midin Distro Listing Nov ’08

midin-logo-midin_resizedHello Folks!

So how was the Conquest for Death gig the other day?

I felt bad missing both Niang and Bakteria set, as I was somewhere near Bengoh at that time and was rushing back to Kuching.  Wish to see them perform someday..

Orites, to illustrate this blog is multi language:

Tok kamik maok present distro listing barang barang kitak semua boleh meli dari aku.  Listing untuk Records dolok, ‘zine kelak kamik letak sitok :

(Here I would like to present the list of stuffs that you can purchase from me.  Listing for records first, I will upload the list for ‘zines later)


Black- Hentikan Perang Sekarang
RM 10.00 (2 pcs)

Cluster Bomb Unit- Stumpf Ist Trumpf
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

Conquest For Death- Beyond Armageddon
RM 10.00 (4 pcs)

Crime Desire- Life’s A Rape
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

Crux+ Pazahora Split
RM 12.00 (3 pcs)

Disarseter Records- Panic in the Peninsular
RM 20.00 (3 pcs)

Disconvenience- Umea Punk City
RM 10.00 (3 pc)

Fascist Insect- Death to the…
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

Iron Cage- Nature Isn’t Mute, Modern Man is Deaf
RM 12.00 (2 pcs)

Kah Roe Shi- Shi
RM 10.00 (6 pcs)

Rajasinga– Pandora
RM 15.00 (1 pc)

Straight Answer- The Complete Discography 1996- 2007
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

The Bollocks- Revival
RM 10.00 (2 pcs)

The Full Pledge Munkees – Pick It Up!
RM 25.00(3 pcs)

Tools of the Trade- Inmate Consumption
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

Various- Eastern Grind Unleashed (Fallen World,Tools of the Trade, Eyesore,Negation)
RM 15.00 (1 pc)

Vitamin X- Pissed Off: A VX Collection
RM 5.00 (9 pcs)

Waco Fuck- Paranoia is Total Awareness
RM 10.00 (1 pc)

War All the Time – self-titled
RM 10.00 (4 pcs)


TAPES (Not Dead!):

3-Way Split- Borneo 3 Way Massacre (MurderedXbyXYou, Mati Katak, Kill Our Leader)
RM 5.00 (2 pcs)

Eyeles- Gloomy Day
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

Kesumat- Prison Called Comformity EP
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

M:40– Historiens Svarta Vingslag
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

Phoenix Bodies- The First 2 years
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

Project Hopeless- Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)

Proletar– Physical and Mental Torture
RM 5.00 (1 pc)

Sista Sekunden – 2006
RM 6.00 (1 pc)

Split- Noisy Sins of the Insect / Daighila
RM 6.00 (1 pcs)

Straight Answer- Kami Belum Menyerah
RM 6.00 (1 pcs)

Thrashington D.C. – To Live and Die in B.M.O.
RM 6.00 (2 pcs)


What Rainforest?: Wake Up and Smell the Palm Oil (DVD)  RM 20.00
Dir: Hilary Chiew & chi too, 36 minutes, Ketapang Pictures
+DVD Extra: Penusah Tana (36 minutes)


Kitak boleh nangga semua stuff tok nang limited copies, ada yang tinggal sigek jak.  So, mun maok, laju-laju email kamik: agentprovo@gmail.com.  Atau leave a comment sitok jak.  Boleh pass by hand jak mun ada gig mana-mana.

(As you can see, all the stuffs listed here are at limited quantities, there are some which there are only one single copy.  So, if you desire to own any of the records listed above, get in touch with me quick!  Email me at: agentprovo@gmail.com.  Or simply leave a comment here.  I can pass the goods by hand if there is any gigs happening. )

Yang Berusaha, (the Slaved,)

Agent Asparagus Alfalfa

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