Gig: Conquest for Death- Kuching Chapter

The flyer for Conquest of Death Australasian Tour at Kuching is out:

The details is per the flyer below:

The usual suspects in the Kuching scene (darn we need more new bands here bros and sis) are all in the line up:

Escape the Plainview
United Kids of Oi!
Rob Blitz

With the highlight of the gig, Conquest for Death.

Personally I have seen most of the bands perform, I can’t wait to check out Bakteria, Niang and Rob Blitz. Limited merchandises would be on sale that day- I’ve got a few very good ‘zines from Indonesia and a few records, old and new. There are some independent movies on sale too. Distro listing soon! (I hope). So bring your cash money! Kuching seldom has such DIY Punk Hardcore event happening at her shore, make sure you don’t miss it! See you there!


Date: 31st Oct 2008, Friday
Venue: Audio Planet Jamm Studio
Time: 6 pm onwards (or till death)
Entry: RM 10.00

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