Conquest for Death Australasian Tour 31st October 2008

Hell Yeah!

Connquest for Death Australasian Tour Poster

Conquest for Death Australasian Tour Poster

Probably the most anticipated event of the year happening in our shore in Borneo island!  Two location tentatively at Kuching, Sarawak(Oct 31st) and Penampang, Sabah (Nov 1st).  Unfortunately. no plans for the Indonesian side of Borneo.  We welcome fellow punks from Kalimantan to cross over here to join in the fun!

Speaking which, arrangement is being made now to bring Conquest of Death Tour CD over here (in Kuching) to be made available, tentatively before the band is here- so that you could take a good listen to engage in maximising the fun of sing along later!

More upcoming details would be updated here, stay tune.

P/S: We are still on the beginning stage, things would definitely gets better as we move on.  We need more contributions- if you are planning a gig, having an event ANYWHERE in the Borneo island- be it in Malaysia OR Indonesia side of it (political borders means nothing to punk/hardcore/independent music solidarity), please inform us and send us your flyers, or simply the details of your show.  Headlines with Racist, Sexist or any discriminatory element WOULD NEVER BE ENTERTAINED!

Also, if you have any new releases, or any other merchandise, please feel free to contact us here, leave a comment etc.

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